Get Involved

On this page you will find a host things that we offer to our members, friends, families and community. We have an extensive and detailed calendar of events suited for everyone. We strive to collaborate ideas and events that are cost efficient, flexible and family orientated.

In times today it can be stressful on families and individuals to entertain and enjoy themselves. We believe in enjoying the fruits of our labor. Through out our site you will find a variety of places and things that we do. All from trips Florida, Virginia, the Carolina's, day cruises, theme parks, picnics, services, revivals, conferences and much much more. The ministries in our church works from the outside in, in other words we push for visitor and community participation. This reason did Jesus die, that we might go into all the world and preach the gospel! So check out some our flyers and calendar events. If you are interested in participating, visiting us and or making contributions please see our context information. (If you are in the Brockton are or surrounding area transportation can be provided).

New Life Temple of Holiness