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New Life Temple of Holiness, Inc. Church History

Pastor Michael A. & Elect Lady Reverend Eva M. Gilbert BIO

The Call & Beginnings of New Life Temple of Holiness, Inc.

The calling, by the Divine Order of God to Pastor Michael A. Gilbert went forth in 2001. Shortly after that time, New Life Temple of Holiness Inc. was birthed on June 17, 2001 at 31 Main Street Brockton, Massachusetts. The church’s humble beginnings consisted of Pastor Michael A. Gilbert, his wife Reverend Eva M. Gilbert, the late Mother Mary Gilbert, Brother Charles Henderson (currently Pastor Charles Henderson), son and daughters; Makai, Tanji and Cassandra. God used these seven people, who were unified and committed, to start a great work in the inner city of Brockton through preaching and evangelizing the unchurched.

Worship was simple, but sincere. Tuesday nights were dedicated to bible class; Sundays consisted of Sunday school and the morning worship. Over the following months, the faithful few continued to sow seeds and carry on the necessary responsibilities of the church. Although, only a few people visited the church on occasion, the members were not discouraged, but continued to be faithful along with Pastor Gilbert to the work of the ministry.

In the spring of 2002 God began to add new members to the church family. These members were hungry for the word of God and willing to work. During this time, we started several programs and services; a Wednesday food program, a summer camp community program; South Brockton Youth Activities that was designed for children of all ages; music lessons and other programs and resources for the needy. Today, many of those services remain in operation.

In 2003, Pastor Gilbert began praying for a new facility. He and his wife, Reverend Eva M. Gilbert charted a 3-month plan to move and secure a better place of worship for God’s people. Pastor Gilbert’s deepest desire was to provide better accommodations and freedom from the building managers who did not provide adequate services that were compatible to the rental fees. The main concerns for finding a new facility were space, building security and functioning utilities.

On March 14, 2004, God opened the door for New Life to purchase 15 Nilsson Street, Brockton, Massachusetts. This historical landmark building dated back to the early 1900. Through research, we understood that the desire of the original owners were that the building would always house and be used for religious purposes. Initially, the property housed two structures. One was demolished and is now a large fenced-in parking lot. The facility addressed the concerns with the old building and has allowed us to enjoy and sponsor many events and services; i.e. community day cook-outs, outdoor tent revivals, car washes, holiday dinners for members and friends, youth events, summer camp and other events.


To date, the membership has grown and many ministries have been birthed in the last few years. The current ministries are:

1.) Men’s fellowship (M.O.M. – Men of Mission)
2.) Women’s Support Ministry (W.O.W. – Women of Worship)
3.) Women’s Department (W.O.P.P. – Women of Power & Praise)
4.) Youth and young adult ministry (Innovation)
5.) Health and Wellness group (What’s Eating You?)
6.) Men, women and youth choirs
7) Deacon and Deaconess board
8.) Usher Board, Administrative Board (supports all administrative functions)
9.) Spiritual Care Committee
10.) The Culinary Committee

Today, we are stronger than ever, we are more determined than ever to cultivate those among us, to evangelize the lost and continue with the work of the ministry. We are determined to reach out to our fellow brothers in the ministry, to support and work with them to enhance fellowship ties and support our community with the love of Christ and spread the Good News. We are grateful to God and give all praise, glory and honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for His call on Pastor Gilbert’s life and entrusting him with so great a people, God’s people.

Both Pastor Gilbert and Reverend Eva M. Gilbert believe that it is the members who have depended on their leadership and have assisted in building up the ministry successfully. They are grateful to God and give all the glory and honor to Him for the many members of New Life. In their own words “There is no big “I’s” or small “U’s” in God. There is room enough for all to be blessed in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.”

Pastor Michael A. Gilbert & Elect Lady Reverend Eva M. Gilbert BIOGRAPHY

Pastor Michael A. Gilbert has 27 years in retail and retail management with a leading food company; Shaws & Star Market Supermarkets of Albertsons Incorporated, Salt Lake, UT. During his tenure, he developed knowledge and skills of various facets of the business; including human resources, profit & loss statements, purchase and sales agreements, shrink (retail financial accounting), systems management, personnel management and many others.

Elect Lady Minister Eva M. Gilbert, who has been ordained as Reverend Eva M. Gilbert has taken on many roles and is seen as a truly inspired woman of God. She is known as a sister, friend, counselor and mother to many of the women. Her multi-talented gifts, both spiritual and natural are a great asset to her husband and the ministry. She is an anchor and corner stone to the pastor in church administration, planning and implementing new visions for the church. Elect Lady Reverend Eva M. Gilbert has over 27 years of experience with a nationally known telecommunication company; Verizon. Her greatest strengths include clerical duties, systems management, sales, accounting, bookkeeping, personnel management, tech support and many other skills. Together, the founding pastor and Elect Lady bring a wealth of knowledge and skill; that was gained through their secular occupations, to the ministry.


From a very humble beginning in 2001, God has blessed New Life tremendously. God has increased the membership and God took us to a place of our own, which is able to support the ministry. We strongly believe that our strength rest first of all in our God and second in our members that possess a diversity of natural and spiritual gifts which are being used to build up the ministry and affect our overall vision for the future of the ministry.

New Life Temple of Holiness